Wednesday, January 31, 2018

experimental debian rsyslog packages

We often receive requests for Debian packages. So far, we did not package for recent Debian, as the Debian maintainer, Michael Biebl, does an excellent job. Other than us, he is a real expert on Debian policies and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, we now took his package sources and gave the Suse Open Build Service a try. In the end result, we now seem to have usable Debian packages (and more) available at:

I would be very interested in your feedback on the first incarnation of this project. Is it useful? Is it something we should continue? Do you have any problems with the packages? Other suggestions? Please let us know.

Please node: should we decide that the project is worth keeping, the above URL will change. However, it we will give sufficiently advance notice. The current version is not suggested for production systems, at least not without trying it out on test-systems first!


Jeff said...

This is great, thank you! We've got lots of ubuntu 14.04 systems still - any chance of adding that as a target? Or pointers to how this works would be great too, happy to do it myself!

Rainer Gerhards said...

Hi Jeff, for Ubuntu, there still is the official Adiscon/rsyslog PPA available:

It also supports 14.04. For the new OBS builds we also plan this, but right now we need to get up to speed on how to build different debs on OBS. Takes some time to get all bits right.

Phillip Reisbeck said...

this repository could be very useful for us as the official debian
8/jessie backports does not have the latest rsyslog version available
and we can't update to stretch yet.
But all the rsyslog-* packages like rsyslog-kafka seem to be empty in
the debian 8 repository. The libraries are also not in the main rsyslog
Assuming this isn't intentional, can this be fixed?
The rsyslog-gnutls package is also missing.

Rainer Gerhards said...

Thanks for the feedback. The word "experimental" is important. We are not yet there with all I would like to see. The current source definitions are available at I happily accept change requests there. The site also has a bug tracker and feature request (we have not yet a mirror project on github).

As of my understanding, the libraries should auto-install if the instructions on the site are followed. Again - it's experimental and we are still learning...

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