Monday, March 26, 2012

[OT] friend needs help in music contest ;)

Hi folks, my blog's title says it is about the many thing's Rainer is interested in. If you look at the postings, that seems to mean "syslog". Today is one of the rare occurences that I write about something else, and it is also a request for a little bit of help...

Friends of mine produce fine (non-mainstream) music. They have entered a local contest over here with a re-interpretation of a classical theme. I really enjoy the modern "feeling" of the theme. I would like to invite all of you to listen yourself - and vote for them if you like what you hear. "Pepper Dance", as it is called, is available form this site. Unfortunately it is in German only, but navigation shouldn't be too hard: the play button is pretty universal ;-). And if you'd like to vote for it, just follow the big "Jetzt Abstimmen" link below the photo.

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