Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we are nearing a new rsyslog v5-stable

I have just released rsyslog v5.7.9. It will possibly be the last v5-beta versions of the 5.7. branch. I've ironed out a lot of bugs during the past two to three weeks. Right now, some patches are in 5.7.9 and not in the current stable, because I wait for some more feedback on the patches.There are still some bugs open in bugzilla, but all of this bugs are mostly concerned with rather exotic environments AND are present in the current v5-stable as well. So there is little argument to hold the new v5-stable branch just for that reason.

The plan is to release a last 5.6.6 version, ending that branch. Shortly after that, I'll release 5.8.0. That way, conservative operators receive the latest round of bug fixes and can probably wait quite relaxed until 5.8.1 arrives ;)

It should be noted that 5.8.0 will be the first stable version with full support for systemd.

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