Friday, October 17, 2008

a logging appliance

The IT world is increasingly turning towards appliances: pre-configured systems, which do exactly one job an do it well. Like a household appliance, all you need to do is plug it into your infrastructure, maybe change a setting or two and you are ready to go. While previously appliances always had a co-notation of a hardware box being delivered, the increasing popularity of virtualization enables to build pure software appliances.

One of the things we intend to investigate is create a logging appliance, using VMWare tools. We will set up a standard Linux, use MySQL and Apache with it and install rsyslog and phpLogCon. That in a "ready to use" fashion where only the devices need to be pointed to the right IP address of this virtual box.

This is one of my next projects and feedback on such an effort is very much appreciated.


りお said...

Hi Rainer-san,
Red Hat has the Virtual Appliance Development Kit.


Rainer said...

Hi Rio-san,

that is a *very* interesting link. Thanks for sharing it!


SEJeff said...

I'll agree with the (Japanese?) poster, but take that a step further because I've used those tools...

Redhat's appliance operating system (AOS) is based on the fedora aos tools which are all open source.

It is all based off the work from the thincrust project located at

You can find the relevant git trees here:;a=summary;a=summary;a=summary

Jeff Schroeder

Rainer said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for the pointers, I will add them to the appliance page of the rsyslog wiki. For now, I have started with Ubunto JeOS, basically because they have a nice tutorial. I'll try to ship a simple VM soon, to gather some feedback. Out of this feedback I hope to be able to get really serious on the issue. Judging not only, but also, from the comments on this post, this seems to be a hot topic.


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