Friday, June 06, 2008

rsyslog work log

As you can see below, I am currently more involved in non-coding activities, like getting most reliability out of plain tcp syslog, IETF work and pondering the phpLogCon team with all those nice little things that are hard to implement ;)

Past day's rsyslog work log:
- released 3.17.3
- (finally switched to Fedora 9 on main dev machine;))
- enabled Posix ERE expressions inside the property replacer
(previously BRE was permitted only)
- provided ability to specify that a regular expression submatch shall
be used inside the property replacer
- Worked on Martin's suggestion for a more reliable plain tcp transport
- implemented in property replacer: if a regular expression does not match,
it can now either return "**NO MATCH** (default, as before), a blank
property or the full original property text
- Worked on Martin's new suggestion for a more reliable plain tcp transport
This one looks promising, at least for simple cases
- worked on plain tcp syslog reliability
- begun working on TLS doc (finally ;))
- bugfix: part of permittedPeer structure was not correctly initialized
thanks to varmojfekoj for spotting this
- bugfix: off-by-one bug during certificate check
- bugfix: removed some memory leaks in TLS code
- enhanced property replacer to support multiple regex matches
- IETF work, syslog-transport-tls
- begun doc on unreliable tcp syslog and a work-around based on Martin's

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