Wednesday, May 21, 2008

rsyslog work log

I have gone crazy the past days with all the subtleties of the the new -12 revision of IETF's syslog-transport-tls draft. I've not coded much and even forgotten to post here on the blog. After all, I at least now got fingerprint support (mostly) up and running - much more work than I initially though. The good thing is I learned quite a lot :)

So here is the past day's rsyslog work log, as far as I have it:
2008-05-09 to 2005-05-16
Somehow I lost track of the work done - see git log for details... :(
- made action logic pass optional auth params only if they are
actually configured
- added new authMode and Fingerprint methods to ptcp netstream
driver (keeping them once again generic)
- added diagnostics messages when invalid auth modes were
- corrected fingerprint string formatting
- improved/added error messages
- first implementation of server-based client fingerprint check
- implemented permittedPeers helper construct to store names
- changed omfwd implementation to use new permittedPeers
- worked hard on fingerprint auth, but can not seen in code
(lots of mailing list work and spec review)

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