Friday, April 04, 2008

rsyslog work log

Past day's rsyslog work log:
- disabled atomic operations for the time being because they introduce some
cross-platform trouble - need to see how to fix this in the best
possible way
- added librelp check via PKG_CHECK thanks to Michael Biebl's patch
- added more descriptive error codes to module loader
- added more meaningful error messages to rsyslogd (when some error
happens during startup)
- updated status informatation and syslog-ng comparison
- begun working on time-window based dequeueing
- bugfix: memory leaks in script engine
- properties are now case-insensitive everywhere (script, filters,
- added the capability to specify a processing (actually dequeue)
timeframe with queues - so things can be configured to be done
at off-peak hours
- bugfix: some memory leak when queue is runing in disk mode

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