Thursday, March 13, 2008

rsyslog work log

Past days' rsyslog work log:
- added RSYSLOGD_MODDIR environment variable
- added -M rsyslogd option
- converted net.c into a loadable library plugin
- applied patch from varmojfekoj fixing a deinit bug
- extracted regexp functionality to its own dynamically loadable module
- renamed library module file names to lm*, so that they match the
overall scheme (like im* and om*)
- bugfix: debug.c now survives module unloads in all cases
- moved back to git after upgading to latest git client, which solved
the issues I experienced
- implemented module unload handling (required a number of interface
- bugfix: not properly initialized data could cause several segfaults if
there were errors in the config file - thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch
- bugfix: rsyslogd segfaulted when imfile read an empty line - thanks
to Johnny Tan for an excellent bug report
- changed omgssapi and omfwd to utilize new object calling interface; made
a tcpclt class; (stage work, among others, for more intelligent
recovery from TCP session recovery)
- improved session recovery when outbound tcp connection breaks, reduces
probability of message loss at the price of a highly unlikely potential
(single) message duplication

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