Thursday, March 06, 2008

rsyslog work log

Yesterday's rsyslog work log:
- updated omgssapi to use the current interface version definition
(I seem to have forgotten this yesterday)
- changed modules.c calling conventions to be interface-based
- moved module loader from conf.c to module.c, where it belongs
- made the necessary plumbing to auto-load library modules
- upgraded debug system to include iRet in function exit message
- changed module interface so that instances need only to be
supported by output plugins (if we actually need them for input
plugins, we can always add it again...)
- milestone: first implementation of library modules (but do not
get unloaded on exit/hup so far)
- bugfix: imfile used invalid obj-call (newly introduced bug)
- extracted logerror*() family of functions from syslogd,
made them their own class and converted to new object calling
conventions (interface-based)
- converted gss-misc into a loadable library module
- bugfix: actions were not correctly retried; caused message loss
- moved date/time handling functions to their own object
- changed module loader to automatically add ".so" suffix if not
specified (over time, this shall also ease portability of config
- shuffled some more code from syslogd.c to the right places
- fixed bug in build process

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