Monday, February 25, 2008

rsyslog work log

Past day's rsyslog work log:
- integrated patch from Peter Vrabec to change the build process to produce and from imtcp.c (in support of new gassapi
input module) - many thanks, Peter!
- applied patch by varmojfekoj to allow gssapi functionality to be
build as a separate plugin (so that gssapi and plain tcp
functionality can be individually distributed). Also inclulded
some other enhancements, most importantly initial compatibility
mode system
- added some information on old-style config to ABNF (probably
useful in getting us to a new config format)
- fixed bug in duplicate module load detection
- corrected config doc - IETF no longer intends to add facilities
- updated compatibility notes doc
- added some doc for imgssapi and imtcp input modules
- completed initial vmstk implementation
- begun implementing rsyslog virtual machine (vm class)
- worked a bit on type conversion (specified the interface)
- simplified var object, now only supports strings and numbers as
a single type
- worked a bit on var_t data type conversion
- added some thoughts on RainerScript
- worked a bit on conversion functions

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