Thursday, February 21, 2008

rsyslog work log

Yesterday's rsyslog work log:
- created new class ctok_token
- created some notes on powertop and imfile
- basic implementation of expression parser parsing done
- improved ABNF a bit
- added support for C-like inline comments (/* comment... */)
- created design diagram for expression execution
- created var class out of property_t
- changed rsCStrDestruct() to use the new interface conventions
- $MainMessageQueueDiscardSeverity can now also handle textual severities
(previously only integers)
- bugfix: message object was not properly synchronized when the
main queue had a single thread and non-direct action queues were used
- added vmop class (stage for expression execution)
- added "contains" and "startwith" comparison operations
- defined initial set of opcodes
- created initial vmprg class
- used new classes in expr.c
- begun expr compile process, first steps done

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