Monday, February 18, 2008

rsyslog work log

Past days' rsyslog work log:
- enhanced file monitor doc
- implemented $InputFilePollInterval config directive
- error handling and cleanup in imfile
- improved file polling algorithm for more rapid file data delivery
- some more cleanup
- moved decoding of syslog names to a more appropriate place
- added new facility and severity syntaxes to cfsysline handler
- implemented $InputFileFacility config directive
- implemented $InputFileSeverity config directive
- created a bare template for omlibdbi (dbi output action)
- created an initial version of omlibdbi (does not yet work)
- did some more work on omlibdbi, but did not yet get libdbi working.
I guess its a compile problem, but have not found it so far.
- the libdbi problem was actually related to libdbi/distro packages;
fixed that by installing from source, now omlibdbi basically works
removed some debug code
- cleaned up omlibdbi - works now
- implemented $ActionLibdbiDriverDirectory config directive
- some cleanup
- doc improvements
- patched libdbi to work better with plugins
- adopted omlibdbi to use new version of libdbi
- improved man page a bit for the novice user

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