Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yesterday's rsyslog work log

Yesterday's rsyslog work log:
- improved debug support a bit (assertions)
- restructured code, moved some part out of syslogd.c to action.c, where
they belong (still some more to do in that regard ;))
- moved correct retry logic into action processing queue
- removed debugging support from sync class, debug class now provides
much more
- implemented naming for all objects (mostly as a debug aid, but you never
know what else it will be good for)
- converted queue.c to use dbgoprint() instead of dbgprintf()
- fine tuning on queue naming
- action queues are now also named (otherwise you can't read the debug log ;))
- bugfix: added forgotten docs to package
- bugfixing newly added action code
- action queue params are reset to default for each action
- added ability to re-enqueue objects into the queue when a worker thread is

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