Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend rsyslog work log

Past two day's rsyslog work log:
- improved SIGSEGV handler a bit (now we get a core dump)
- partially fixed bug that caused rsyslogd to stall processing enqueued messages
after turning off DA mode and before any new message were arrived (if a new
message arrived, everything went back to normal, so it was a temporary halt)
- fixed the situation where message processing could be stalled for some period
after DA mode turn off
- reduced number of unnecessary wakeups of DA worker thread when high water mark
is not yet reached
- fixed a cosmetic issue in timeoutValue calculation (just used for displaying)
- fixed a bug when shutting down DA queue
- some more fixing and cleanup on the queue shutdown sequence
- fixed queue termination in case bSaveOnShutdown is 0
- implemented the $MainMsgQueueSaveOnShutdown config directive
- implemented the $MainMsgQueueWorkerThreadMinimumMessages config directive
- implemented the $MainMsgQueueTimeoutWorkerThreadShutdown config directive

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