Monday, January 14, 2008

rsyslog work log

The past day's rsyslog work log:
- undid part of yesterdays stage work - q worker 0 does not have management
chores, will use another solution (not needed yet)
- begun to permit queue to terminate without being drained
- fixed a starvation condition in queueWorker (pthread_yield() was needed)
could not be seen with any previously released code, came up during
new development
- added $MainMsgQueueImmediateShutdown config directive
- some name cleanup
- added non-circular file stream mode
- added some debug instrumentation to obj_t type, so that invalidly passed
objects can be detected (else we use the jump table and do not know why
everything messes up)
- file stream objects are now persistent on immediate queue shutdown (queue itself
is not yet fully persisted)
- support for object property bags added
- queue can now persist disk queue information on immediate shutdown
- added function to de-serialize a property bag (untested as other code is yet
- support for de-serializing strm objects added
- partial ability to read a disk queue back in (not completed, but would like
to save source for the weekend)
- support for reading back persisted queue information completed
- added $MainMsgQueuePersistUpdateCount config file directive
- renamed $MainMsgQueuePersistUpdateCount config file directive to
- changed queue shutdown procedure a bit - stage work for queue shutdown
timeout setting

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