Saturday, January 05, 2008

recent rsyslog work

Here is the rsyslog work log for the past days:

- fixed a few typos noticed by Jonathan Smith - thanks
- moved queue code to its own module (finally)
- restructured queue interface to use rsRetVal and instances, removed
dependency on globals - now more like a real class
- implemented queue type "drivers"
- queue is now a full object and handles threading by itself
- applied Michael Biebl's patch to clean up the makefiles
- added capability to use a linked list for queuing to the queue class
- added $MainMsgQueueType config parameter
- some cleanup
- added $SpoolDirectory config parameter
- added $MainMsgQueueFilePrefix config parameter
- begun working on disk queueing (not completed, do not use this mode!)
- begun some work on Msg Object serializiation
- created a kind of general base class
- removed serialization pointer from queue; used new base class instead
- utilized the new auto-destruction capability so that the queue can now
destruct user objects if needed
- changed queue object Construction/Startup interface
- added capability for concurrent access to the msg class. Can be dynamically
activated. If active, locking is employed.
- added the "direct" queueing mode to queue class (no queing at all)
- added multiple worker thread capability to queue class
- implemented $MainMsgQueueWorkerThreads config directive
- removed some no-longer-needed code (thanks Michael Biebl for the help)

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