Friday, December 21, 2007

rsyslog work log for 2007-12-21

It has been a good day today! Finally, the alarm() call has been deleted! :) That was something long on my agenda, but I couldn't do it without the redesign of the inputs. The alarm() was not really a big issue, but it became an annoyance to me because it was so hard to remove.

I would also like to mention that I will do only occasional work during the holiday period. So I do not expect more serious changes until early January. Some releases, however, are due next week (maybe 2.0.0).

Here is the detailed rsyslog worklog for today:

- removed no longer needed mutex from omfwd
- released a preview of 3.0.0 "as is" to mailing list - just to get the idea
- begun work on imtcp
- created first version of imtcp (still very much depending on syslogd.c for
configuration and a lot of other things)
- cleaned up code (resulting in some shuffeling from syslogd.c to the
"right" module)
- prepared for imudp
- created an initial version of imudp.c. The majority of UDP reception code
is now in that module and it is dynamically loadable. HOWEVER, that doesn't
mean it is a proper module. There are still many, many dependencies on
global variables, cross-module calls and such. However, havin the code base
separated allows me to carry out some other cleanup before I return to
create a really clean implementation of these modules. So it is kind of a
stage work. Just don't mistake it with "the real thing"...
- removed code no longer needed
- finally, alarm() has gone away :) -- this is now done by the main thread
- some cleanup

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