Friday, December 21, 2007

rsyslog work log for 2007-12-20

Yesterday was a very busy day for rsyslog. I am on a good path to input modularization, but the hardest part needs still be done ;)

Here is the log:

- bugfix: fixing memory leak when message queue is full and during
parsing. Thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch.
- working on a potential race condition on the new input module
interface. See newsgroup posting for details on the issue:
I tried some mutex operations but came to the conclusion that this
does not really help. So I have now switched to plain thread
cancellation, which so far seems to be OK. Need more practical
experience with other input modules to make a final decision. Thus
I leave all code in and have just disabled the problematic
- implemented $klogUseSyscallInterface config directive
- implemented $klogSymbolLookup config directive
- moved unix socket code to its own module (imuxsock)
- implemented $OmitLocalLogging config directive
- bugfix: memory leak in cfsysline.c/doGetWord() fixed
- implemented $SystemLogSocketName config directive
- implemented $AddUnixListenSocket config directive
- MILESTONE reached: imuxsock initial version done
- removed single-threading support for sending TCP messages; caused
simplyfication of output module interface as well as core syslog
- moved udp send code to its own function

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