Monday, December 31, 2007

rsyslog work log and future directions

Hi folks, probably the last rsyslog work log post for 2007. Thanks for sticking around - and hopefully I'll see you again in 2008. It'll become a very exciting year, with a lot of new features. I am eager to implement what is right now on my head, and I'll most probably will start with modifying the message queue, an endeavor that will ultimately lead to store-and-forward capability just like in syslog-ng's premium edition. And the good news is that I hope to finish that in January 2008 ;) -- what also means that I have made up my priorities. Was not an easy job, and I hope I got it right. So store-and-forward with enhanced output threading is first and the other things will follow later. To me, the hardest decision was to put off expressions, another feature at least I would like to see the sooner the better.

But now back to the work log:
- added $UDPServerAddress config directive
- added capability to have multiple UDP listeners running concurrently
- applied cross-platform patch from darix to facilitate GSS-API compile
on more platforms
- some cleanup
- internal restructuring in omfwd.c - stage work for further modularization
I think I also fixed a bug as a side-effect - but not looked to much at it
- took TCPSend() apart and made it generic via function pointers
- moved TCPSend() and frame building code to tcpsyslog.c
- omgssapi created
- removed gss-api code from omfwd.c

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