Monday, December 17, 2007

rsyslog changes upto 2007-12-14

This is my worklog for rsyslog:

- begun to shuffle the mark code to a separate module - that will take some
time and definitely require much more code shuffling. This is the begin
of the input module interface

- created new branch for what will become 2.0.0 stable
- begin work on on immark, the first input module. In the long term
this will lead to a complete rewrite of the input system
- changed license to GPLv3 (for what is to become rsyslog v3)
- moved core threading helpers out of syslogd.c
- remove USE_PTHREADS macro from all sources except omfwd.c (I wait
for a gssapi patch from Red Hat, removing these macros would probably
cause unnecessary grief...)
- tried approach to terminate input module thread via pthread_kell() - so
far, seems to work ok
- begun to create input module interface and macros
- changed module interface to include function to query type
- milestone: can load input module dynamically, but can not do anything
with it - now I need to think about activating IMs...

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