Tuesday, December 18, 2007

rsyslog changes for 2007-12-17

Yesterday's rsyslog changes:

- fixed a potential race condition with enqueueMsg() - thanks to mildew
for making me aware of this issue
- created thread-class internal wrapper for calling user supplied thread
main function
- solved an issue when compiling immark.c on some platforms. LARGEFILE
preprocessor defines are changed in rsyslog.h, which causes grief
for zlib. As a temporary solution, I have moved rsyslog.h right at the
beginnng of the include order. It's somewhat dirty, but it works. I think
the real solution will be inside the autoconf files.
- moved thread termination code out to threads.c
- implemented $MarkMessagePeriod config directive
- command $ResetConfigVariables implemented for immark.c
- begun imklog, replacing klogd.c (finally we get rid of it...)
- implemented $DebugPrintKernelSymbols
- implemented afterRun input module interface function
- implemented $klogSymbolsTwice config directive

As you can see, it was quite a busy day. The input module interface has already materialized for the most part.

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