Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is alarm() the culprit?

I have once again reviewed the threading. Now I have a weak hope. To handle mark messages, there is an alarm() call inside rsyslog. While alarm() typically does not play well with pthreads, rsyslog uses it in a very limited scope. Also, the alarm handler is activated only in one specific thread. But... "alarm() does not play well with pthreads"... In absence of any better solution, may this be the actual cause for this hard to hunt bug?

I will now see what is required to get rid of the alarm(). Actually, this is harder than it initially looks. For alarm() to go away, I need to set up a real background thread that does the timer ticks and that causes the mark messages. That, in turn, means that I have two concurrent messages sources, which involves quite a bit of synchronization. All of that is currently not needed as the alarm signal simply interrupts the select, which in turn leads to execution of nice sequential code. Oh, and yes: the alarm signal handler of course does (contrary to sysklogd) nothing then to set a global variable flag. So I'll have a look at all that...

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