Friday, September 07, 2007

recent rsyslog changes

Now that I am back working on the rsyslog code, I will continue to provide information about what I am doing. In most cases, however, I will not provide daily logs. The reason is that I currently focus on new design and will leave rsyslog code mature. So changes will be relatively infrequent (at least I plan so ;]).

Here is the work log for the past days:

- integrated patches from Michel Samia and varmojfekoj
- released 1.19.4
- changed some calls to CStr class to their "safe" counterpart - they could
cause program aborts if the object in question was an empty string
- added some links to doc
- removed an invalid config sample from sample.conf
- changed part of the CStr interface so that better error tracking
is provided and the calling sequence is more intuitive (there were
invalid calls based on a too-weired interface)
- (hopefully) fixed some remaining bugs rooted in wrong use of
the CStr class. These could lead to program abort.
- added forwarding information to sysklogd (requires special template)
to config doc


Johnny said...

Gutentag Rainer,

vielen dank fur Rsyslog. Ich brauchte es nur fur:

$RepeatedMsgReduction off # log every message

Und das funktioniert gut.

Martijn Pieffers

Rainer said...

Hi Martijn,

freut mich, dass Rsyslog for Dich nützlich ist. Wir bemühen usn ja sehr, Rsyslog weiter bekannt zu machen. Da könntest Du uns auch einen Gefallen tun: besuche bitte

und gebe dort ein Rating für Rsyslog ab.

Es würde uns sehr freuen, wenn Du die 2 Minuten Zeit findest.

Viele Grüße,
Rainer Gerhards

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