Friday, August 10, 2007

rsyslog changes for 2007-08-09

Yesterday I made a couple of changes:

- fixed a bug in outchannel code that caused templates to be incorrectly
- fixed a bug in ommysql that caused a wrong ";template" missing message
in some cases
- some text and code cleanup in cflineParseTemplate() to match the changed
design of selector handling
- added new doc files to autotools for make dist
- fixed a bug that would have manifested when module configuration commands
would have been freed. The current code base, however, never does this, so
this is not a real bug fix - it's in preparation of future work
- fixed a potential memory leak in modules.c, again, this could not happen in
current code
- added interface API for unloading module (a dummy)
- added module unload functionality; rsyslogd now unloads modules on exit
(of course, with only statically linked modules, there is little current
value in this - but it is made towards an upcoming dynaload plugin interface)

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