Wednesday, July 18, 2007

rsyslog now in fedora 8

Read this mail message:

Rsyslog is now part of fedora 8. I hope that a lot of folks will try it out and contribute their experience back. This will definitely help us build the best syslogd ever.

As a side-note, I've today received another couple of patch contributions for rsyslog. It's really fun seeing all those people look at the project. Thanks to everyone.


Michael said...


Just a short question, because I'm a bit confused: The binaries in 1.17.0 are
now called syslogd and klogd, yet the manpages are rsyslogd and rklogd.
It would be nice, to have a consistent naming everywhere.


Rainer said...

Hi Michael,

thanks for posting. This is a known bug:

It was introduced after the move to autotools and was undetected until recently. It is fixed with the next release.


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