Thursday, June 30, 2005

How to say it complicated...

Well.. this is not directly syslog related. But it is too cool... We are doing a manual for a new product (yes, closed Windows source this time...) and the initial version had a real nice sentence in it. How about this:

If this option is checked, application starts trace route as the trace route window is opened. It means that as you select traceroute for some host and the traceroute window opens up, you do not need to click TraceRoute button to initiate the trace route operation.

All understood? I think we've now replaced it with something like "click here to start traceroute" ;-)

To go to Cocos Islands or to not to go...

The good news is: I talked to the web folks and will get my own virtual server for things around rsyslog, liblogging and the other open source tools I created.

Question now: how does this releate to Cocos Islands? Well, we were in search for a good domain name. All good names (syslog.somewhat) were of course taken. But I have set up as an aid for my IETF activities. Sounds like a good fit... well, as long as you do not think about the country, whom's domain this is. In fact, it's Cocos Islands, with a population of less than 700. Do I really trust their NIC to be stable? The marketing folks want to make you beliefe .cc is a real top level domain. But it is a country-code top level domain (cc is the ISO code for Cocos Islands). So it all depends on what the country and its population decides to do to it. I even barely remember that one other such country were flooded by the oceans because of global warming. The country now no longer exists (really!). I remember there was some discussion that its domain needed to be disabled, because the country no longer exists (sounds like a valid argument...). Unfortunately I do not remember which country it was nor what happened to the domain.

Anyhow, should we take the risk and use a domain rooted on Cocos Islands? Being paranoid, I doubt. So we stayed away from using that domain. The site will now come up under (not yet operational), which might not be as cool but is more likely to stick around for some time.

By the way: if you visit, you'll see that I had the same concerns initially, too. But it really doesn't matter for that site...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

syslog in German Wikipedia

Today I took of some time to translate the English Wikipedia syslog entry to German. Now the German Wikipedia covers this important topic, too ;)

BTW: it was nice to see that some other folks have enhanced my original syslog text in Wikipedia :-) The wiki idea seems to work on some esoteric topics, too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

rsyslog 0.9.1 done...

After receiving Dennis' "does not compile under FreeBSD" report for rsyslogd 0.9.0 yesterday, I today used my FreeBSD environment to get rid of these things as well as some other FreeBSD annouyances. So I could finally release rsyslog 0.9.1, bringing us a littel bit further. Next is probably support for message size above 1k, the IHE folks need that...

New syslog-protocol draft published

We are now in it's 13th round. I've just done some minor changes to syslog-protocol and published it as a new new internet draft. Hopefully, syslog-protocol-13 will finally find acceptance. The good thing is that I had only very few comments on the last draft, and it looks like we are really nearing completion. Let's hope for the best and see what the next days will bring...
Hehe, I am really a lazy guy. After some month (ummm, years) I begin to try blogging again. Now I am back at blogspot, it's some what easier to keep track. Let's see how far I will come.