Wednesday, September 07, 2005

coming close to rsyslog 1.0

I have finally begun preparations for the rsyslog 1.0 stable release. I've checked all bug trackers, done some minor doc updates and other such things. Made some very minor changes. As I heared no bad feedback after the 0.9.8 release (now two days ago), I do not accept any more troubles. So I think I am basically set to release by the end of the week or monday.

I have now branched off a stable branch in CVS and think I won't need to modify it. Now I can turn back to new features. I will start by implementing a core counted-string library, which will hopefully enhance the security ones it is used all over rsyslog. To be honest, that will probably take quite some while. And there is also another reasoning for the library: to support syslog-protocol, I must also support strings with embedded \0 characters, which makes it impossible to use with the standard library routines. So it is nice to even get some more security out of a thing that I need to do anyhow...

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